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EclipseLink - High performance persistence for Spring

June 11th, 2008

Rob Harrop and Shaun Smith gave an overview about Oracle Toplinks successor EclipseLink. They started by outlining the problems Rob faced when trying to integrate a JPA provider into SpringSource Application Platform. Shaun then gave a brief overview over EclipseLink which definately exceeds ToplinkEssentials functionality I have used before. It seems to abstract data access in a more broad way including access to XML or JCA.

A major point of the bothy guy’s talk was caching. Shaun presented a demo where a listener constantly triggered a query to the database. It of course was only executed once. Further queries hit the cache as expected. The nice thing about EclipseLink then was that a thread updating the data transparently updated the cached value, so that the changes were reflected in the listener without triggering a new query.

Another hot topic of the presentation was the use of query hints to optimize data access. Rob suggested to have two aspects defined - one to register hints on named queries in a certain business method call context and another one looking up the hints to append when executing the named queries. This sounds quite good and i think i will take some time to reiterate this.

The last amazing topic was a transparent implementation of a database state history. With EclipseLink it is or will (I don’t remember exactly) to query database state at a given point in time. Especi

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