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Thomas Risberg - Persistence tuning for Spring environments

June 11th, 2008

Thomas Risberg, Spring JDBC lead developer, held a talk about data access performance tuning using Spring. He focused on different things like optimizing JDBC statements, transaction manager and data source implementation choices and how you you can configure OR mappers properly.

Besides tuning the application Thomas mentioned a few optimization possibilities around your software. Getting to know the tweaks and trick of you particular database, letting the DBA take a look at the table structure and SQL statments generated can bring you forward, too.

Thomas showed a lot of examples to develop and work with data access, pointed out configuration options for various techniques to let you see what’s going on in detail. He also showed some tools that allow detailled analysis of queries. Developing the SpringSource Advanced Pack for Oracle he gave some more detailled insights in Oracle database performance tunings.

Ending the talk with some deep down performance tunings of actual databases I really hope to get slides as the talk included so many tips I’d like our DBAs be aware of.

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