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Hera 0.4 released

March 30th, 2009

It’s been a silent release, nevertheless I want to post a tiny shout about it. Hera is a small plugin library that allows you to create pluggable architectures based on Spring using build time configuration. You might want to find out details by skimming my introducing blog post about it.

Version 0.4 is not a very feature rich release as there is actually only one new one. With this release you can leverage the Core Spring’s ordering capabilities (either through implementing Ordered or by annotating your plugin classes with @Order) to fix the order of plugins in the registry. Furthermore we made PluginRegistry an interface with 0.4 and provide a SimplePluginRegistry (without ordering capabilities) that is completely independent of Spring and a OrderAwarePluginRegistry that will be used when you use the Hera Spring namespace.

Feel free to check out the new release at http://hera.synyx.org and give feedback!

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