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December 16th, 2012

When my former Wordpress-based blog crashed quite a while ago, I didn’t really bother to set it up again as I was to busy with other things. But as I felt the urge to go beyond Twitter posts to elaborate on certain topics in the recent time I thought I’d give it yet another spin.

The course of re-setting up the blog essentially consisted of two aspects: selecting a new blog software, and trying to recover as many of the formerly written blog posts as I could. After some research on Twitter I tried Jekyll and Jekyll Bootstrap in particular. It’s a Ruby-based website or blog generator that’s entirely file-based and (in my case) Markdown-driven.

I could extract some of my former blog posts from a very ancient backup I found and have tried to polish the more relevant posts to be present under their former URIs. Unfortunately there seems to be a minor gap between the time when the blog came down and the last backup so that I seem to have lost a hand full of posts.

Going forward I’ll probably drop a few blog posts now and then on topics that might be too unrelated to be posted on the official SpringSource blog, esp. as I think there’ll might be some music content popping up once in a while.

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